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HanseMerkur was founded in Hamburg in 1875 and is Germany’s second oldest insurance company. From humble beginnings we grew to become one of the most respected and trusted independent insurers in Europe, and in more recent years as our business expands, that reputation is growing globally. Today HanseMerkur is known the world over as a name synonymous with quality and the highest standards of service and customer satisfaction.


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Social Responsibility

As a traditional Hanseatic company we also create social capital and are involved in many ...

Global Direct Billing

As the world gets ever smaller and people more geographically mobile it’s important to be able ...

Community Rating

Reduced risk and increased certainty make it easy to renew year after year without having to ...


1. Service

At the premium-end of the health insurance market you expect to enjoy access to top medical professionals, providers and healthcare, and that is assured.

What differentiates us is the level and quality of service and support we are committed to providing to all our clients.

“We see customer service as the experience we deliver to our clients and an opportunity to exceed expectations, and this way of thinking underpins everything we do.”

2. Clarity & Transparency

We aim to deliver clarity and transparency, with benefits and terms that are easy to understand, giving you the confidence of knowing exactly what is covered and the peace of mind that you can utilise and access exactly what was paid for.

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3. Reduced Risk & Increased Certainty

A well managed portfolio gives consistently low renewal increases. All policies of up to 70 lives are pooled together (community-rated) so if a member develops or suffers any serious or expensive medical condition it will not lead to punitive price increases at renewal.

4. Value for Money

HanseMerkur is a mutual thus not driven by shareholder greed, which means the quality and level of cover along with the service provided at a regional level, for the money, are unparalleled.

Hand in Hand is HanseMerkur

Working hand in hand with our advertising campaign is a deeply human principle. Because with mutual support – so hand in hand – everything just works better.

As a mutual insurance company we have long known about the power of the community and about achieving more together. That is why we assure that and put the message “Hand in hand is HanseMerkur” in the center of our campaign.

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Exclusive Partnership with HSV Football Club

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Social Responsibility

We are convinced that, as a company and especially as a personal insurer, we have a social responsibility. For this reason, we have been promoting various projects in the areas of social affairs, culture, sport and science for decades.

Child protection and youth development are creating identity for us and are reflected in numerous projects. Under the motto “Care for Children is Provision for the Future”, the HanseMerkur Prize for Child Protection, the oldest German social prize, has enjoyed considerable renown in Germany after almost four decades of its existence.