Boost Your Metabolism with these 7 Turbo Tips

A well-functioning metabolism is essential for maintaining a healthy weight and overall well-being. If you’re looking to rev up your metabolism and enhance your body’s ability to burn calories efficiently, consider incorporating these turbo tips into your daily routine.

boost your metabolism

1) Moving Muscles – hard-working energy guzzlers

Muscles use energy – even when they are not working. You burn around 30 kcal per kilo per day more than the corresponding amount of fat tissue. This is one of the reasons why men have higher energy needs than women – their percentage of muscle mass is naturally higher. So, let’s get to the dumbbells –

2) Endurance sports – breeding cell power plants

Endurance sport also boosts the metabolism. In trained people, the number of mitochondria (the small energy power plants in the body’s cells) in the muscles is twice as high as in couch potatoes. And that speeds up your metabolism. In addition, of course, there are the calories that are burned during the training itself. But sport alone is only half the battle.

3) Spicy Food Aids

You can also do a lot with your diet if you like spicy food.  Hot spices such as chili, ginger and cayenne stimulate what is known as thermogenesis in the body. This means: The body produces more heat – and that eats up energy. The stimulants also stimulate fat burning. So, bring on the spicy Asian food! Your metabolism will get even more going.

4) Coffee & Tea – Hot Energy Kick

Drink coffee, black or green tea after a meal. Caffeine and other stimulants can also boost your metabolism. In general, plenty of fluid intake is important.

5) Plenty of Water

Dehydration has a negative effect on metabolism. Conversely, drinking half a liter of water significantly increases the body’s energy consumption for about an hour. Researchers suspect that the cooler water needs to be brought to body temperature. Too much of water can also be bad for your metabolism…

6) Avoid Crash Diets

The biggest metabolic brake is strict diets! They drive the body into starvation: the brain and organs are undersupplied. The body reacts to this with an emergency program: it reduces its needs and breaks down energy-consuming structures such as muscles. This can slow down your metabolism drastically – for months after the diet. At least the body’s basal metabolic rate should always be covered: height in centimetres minus one hundred, multiplied by 24.

7) Don’t Stress

One last tip: calmness. Although metabolic activity is initially boosted by acute stress, chronic stress disrupts the hormonal balance in the body – including those that are responsible for metabolic regulation. The metabolism no longer runs smoothly and is slowed down. This is one of the reasons why stressed people are more likely to gain weight. So: Don’t stress!

Lifestyle of the UAE population:

The UAE is a multicultural mix of many nationalities and people employ various strategies to boost their metabolism. The health initiatives of the region, always keep the residents and nationals in the health mindset. Its important to note that individual preferences and habits vary and so not everyone in the UAE follows the same approach. Customising these strategies based on personal preferences and health considerations is key to achieving and maintaining a healthy metabolism.