Christmas slimming tips

Is controlling your weight during the Christmas season possible?

Stollen and cookies, mulled wine and a roast with all the trimmings – Christmas is a time for feasting. That’s why most people start the new year with extra pounds. There is a lot of advice against Christmas bacon. Researchers have investigated what really helps – and how you can even lose weight at Christmas. Here are 10 tips:

Christmas calories

Tip 1: Fixed mealtimes

“If possible, always eat at the same times” is the first of the scientifically tested rules of conduct for a slim Christ mas. British researchers concluded those who stuck to this in conjunction with the tips below not only didn’t gain weight during Advent, but some even lost a little weight.

Tip 2: Keep an eye on sugar and fat

Why regular meals help you lose weight? The body remembers that it gets new food in time and allowed itself to fuel more energy, according to the hypothesis. But unfortunately, that alone is not enough: What you eat, of course, still plays a role. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on fat and sugar during the Christmas season. This is less difficult than you might think.

Tip 3: Smaller portions

Admittedly, doing without all the fat and sweet Christmas treats would be a bleak option. But it already helps to know the biggest fatteners – and to eat a little less of them: For example, a portion of roast goose or cheese fondue each provide 700 kcal – and without side dishes. Would you like more numbers? Chocolate Santa Claus, 120 g: 560 kcal; cinnamon stars and vanilla kippers

Tip 4: Put on reduced-fat foods

Christmas menu light: A noble fish or turkey are delicious and much lighter variants. This also applies to desserts: A fruity sorbet provides fewer calories than mousse au chocolat or tiramisu. And if you then fill broth instead of oil or cheese into the pot at the New Year’s Eve fondue, it’s easier to start the new year.

Tip 5: Healthy Christmas snacks

Fortunately, not all Advent treats are calorie bombs. For example, a baked apple with vanilla sauce has just 200 kcal – at least if it is not filled with nuts or marzipan. A love apple is also rather slim with 160 kcal. And 100 g of hot chestnuts do not even provide a third of the calories that are in the same amount of roasted almonds (600 kcal) with 180 kcal.

Tip 6: A lot of fruit and vegetables even in Advent

Experts recommend five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. This also applies in Advent. They not only provide vitamins and minerals, which are often in short supply, especially in the cold season. They saturate even without driving the calorie balance up too much. It is best to compensate for sumptuous meals with particularly light ones. Mandarins and oranges now taste particularly delicious anyway.

Tip 7: Take gourmet breaks

Another important point and therefore worth an extra tip: If possible, do not eat between meals, not even in front of the TV in the evening. Otherwise, blood sugar and insulin levels remain continuously high. This promotes the storage of fat and inhibits the breakdown of the pads. What many like to forget: Snacks also include calorie-containing drinks.

Tip 8: Pay attention to liquid calories

Whether apple punch or cocoa: Liquid calories do not fill you up, that’s why you eat more. Alcohol even makes you triple fat: It contains plenty of energy, stimulates the appetite and inhibits fat burning. With 7 kcal, one gram provides almost twice as many calories as sugar! To the overview: 150 ml of wine contain about 100 kcal, 200 ml of apple juice 100 kcal, 300 ml of beer 120 kcal, a cup of cocoa 180 kcal, a pot of mulled wine 200 kcal.

Tip 9: Daily winter walk

Especially in winter, many people find it difficult to get up for sports. However, at least 10,000 steps should be included every day. You consume energy, also recharge your batteries with the daylight and counteract a winter blues. Even better: They go walking, skating or cross-country skiing. Actively design the holidays with your loved ones – at white Christmas with tobogganing, snowball fight and trolling through the snow. Although impossible for people living in places like the UAE. The idea of taking exercise even if without a snowball fights is still valid.

Tip 10: Get up against permanent seat upholstery

The tenth rule for staying slim in Advent: Get going every hour. This applies even if they take long walks every day or do sports regularly. Because when sitting constantly, the metabolism switches to an economy. Experts recommend ten minutes of exercise per hour.

Extra tip: Keep it up!

The tips that the participants heeded as part of the study, of course, not only work at Christmas time, but all year round. If you have already gotten used to it: All the better and keep it up! On average, you gain around one kilo of weight during a year. This could be different next year.