Make a Claim

If you visit a provider outside your network(s), or in the unlikely event a network provider still does not accept direct-billing after you have presented your card and sought assistance from Neuron or Nextcare, you will need to pay and claim to be reimbursed

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Information and Documents to be submitted with any Reimbursement Claim

  • A fully completed Claim Form, stamped & signed by the attending Medical Practitioner.
  • A Discharge Summary & Medical Report for all Inpatient and Day Patient Claims.
  • Diagnostic Reports/Results: Pathology and Scans (X-rays, CT, MRI & PET), etc.
  • Prescriptions for all Medicine and Supply Claims.
  • Proof of payment, all Invoices (itemised, with a breakdown of amounts) and Receipts.
  • For ongoing treatment of a medical condition (e.g. a program of physiotherapy sessions), subsequent invoices/receipts must be submitted with a copy of the completed claim form.
  • For Neuron or Nextcare all documents must be in English or Arabic (a translation must be provided if in other languages). For Henner any language is acceptable, but some may take longer to process.
  • Copies of documents are acceptable (but please keep the originals in case they are required), please submit through the respective Mobile App or E-Mail.