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High claims and expensive medical conditions are like rough seas

Community Rating can be compared to a year-long journey across a vast ocean in a small boat. For many the journey is smooth and uneventful, with the boat making it easily to the other side, but all too often rough seas, take their toll.

This leads to increased efforts and high costs at the end of of each journey to keep your boat seaworthy, so your crew can sail another year.

Community Rating means you do not have to assume all the risks alone

Community-rating means if your crew has between 1 and 70 people, they will be pooled together with all other crews (the people of every other policy insured by us of up to 70 people), in a very large, comfortable and unsinkable cruise-liner.

Proper assessment and pricing of every new crew allowed on board

Professional underwriting of all new Individual Policies or SMEs further strengthens the proposition, assuring a smooth and safe journey year after year, with the confidence that any waves, no matter how huge, can unsettle the ship.