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Experience You Can Trust

HanseMerkur is one of Germany’s oldest (since 1875) and most renowned Insurers, and a name synonymous with quality and the highest standards of service and customer satisfaction. We are a house-hold name in Germany and continental Europe but are also a conservative insurer who put our customers and reputation at the front of everything we do, whilst always looking to deliver good quality products and good value for money.

The company is a mutual thus not driven by shareholder greed, and therefore we are relatively conservative when it comes to taking risks. We always consider the medium to long term, seeking out sensible and sustainable business, making us a very stable and reliable insurance partner.

We do not have ambitions to grow rapidly  spending a fortune on advertising and sales activities, but rather seek to grow organically and sustainably, never letting our customers down and importantly not siphoning off premiums from one market to aggressively grow in another.

With 2,346 employees and self-employed agency owners working in our head office and in our sales force, the HanseMerkur Insurance Group generated an annual turnover of approximately 2,6 billion Euros and holds capital assets of more than 13.7 billion Euros. 11,9 Million Persons are insured through the group.


HanseMerkur Krankenversicherung AG (HanseMerkur Health Insurance AG) has been offering our customers security, predictability and reliability since 1969. This financially secure and growth-oriented company has achieved its present independent and strong position in the market and developed into an efficient medium sized personal insurer thanks to various acquisitions of existing customer lists and its dynamic sales activities.

The insurance group’s roots dating back more than 130 years lie in health insurance and is still the company’s largest area of activity. As a specialist in the field of private complementary insurance, HanseMerkur Health Insurance AG has established a name for itself throughout the whole of Germany.

The HanseMerkur Insurance Group has also established its position in the market through its innovative all-round health insurance premium rates that offer additional benefits for women, children and high-earning employees and the self-employed. Its leading role in reimbursing the costs of naturopathic medical treatment, for which demand is increasing ever more strongly, should also be mentioned. The HanseMerkur Insurance Group is also leading the way with its active health management and an advisory service for its customers, for example its health telephone helpline to specialist doctors at local rates and one of the most comprehensive health portals on the internet.

The HanseMerkur Insurance Group is also the second largest travel insurer in Germany through its entity HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG. HanseMerkur Travel Insurance AG was established in 1977 with its focus primarily on the travel business has become number two among German travel insurance companies in recent years.

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Experience in the Middle East

HanseMerkur Global operates from our MENA headquarters in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), overseeing the Group’s interests in the region including Reinsurance Management and Intermediation of the GlobalCare Health Insurance Plans, Corporate Governance and Strategic Development and Planning.

Since taking our first tentative steps into the Middle East in 2004, the number of satisfied clients insured locally has been growing steadily. Like so many German companies our strategy for growth is not “at all costs”. With over 140 years of experience in medical insurance HanseMerkur know a thing or two about sustainable business and the approach in this region is no different.

We are here for the long haul and in the same way the founders of HanseMerkur built the business up from humble beginnings to become one of Germany’s largest independent insurance companies by always putting the client and the company’s reputation first, our strategy in this region is the same.

Philosophy & Values

We are here for the long haul and in the same way the founders of HanseMerkur built the business up from humble beginnings to become one of Germany’s largest independent insurance companies by always putting the client and the company’s reputation first, our strategy is the same.

By targeting excellence, quality, customer service and the delivery of good value for money above everything else we are confident you will receive the best cover and health care possible.

Ethics before Profits

“To be the market leader in terms of quality, value for money and customer satisfaction, by targeting excellence and innovation in everything we do, whilst at the same time being mindful of our activities and any negative impact they may cause and to strive to do things, and make things, better for the benefit of everyone”.

Mission Statement

To build our reputation and loyal customer base, by delivering unrivalled excellence in everything we do, whilst always sticking firmly to our values and principles.

Our Vision

HanseMerkur is not interested in being the biggest or covering as many lives as possible. Our objective is clear, to be the best in everything we do, and we are confident that by putting customers at the centre of everything and sticking rigidly to this ethos they will want to stay insured with a HanseMerkur Designed and Administered Plans year after year.