Covid-19: What you need to know about your coverage related to the disease

Does my HanseMerkur Health Insurance Policy cover me?

All HanseMerkur health insurance policies cover treatment for illnesses and conditions that are a direct result of any Epidemic or Pandemic including Covid-19, and this coverage will be unconditional and anywhere in the member’s Area of Coverage (the countries in which cover has been specifically provided for) as shown in the Table of Benefits.

Is testing covered?

Only if medically necessary or indicated. In other words, if prescribed/recommended by a qualified doctor. Elective testing is not permitted. If a member went for an elective test and the result was positive, a member would be eligible to claim for the cost of test to be reimbursed.

Are any virtual doctor (Telehealth) services available?

To reduce the risk to patients and make them feel more comfortable many providers (doctors, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies) have adapted the way they offer treatments, services or supplies, such as teleconsultations (over the phone or video conferencing), and *pharmacy home deliveries.

*Subject to availability in your location through the Telehealth service