EAP (Employee Assistance Program), Work-Life, and Well-Being Services available through HanseMerkur Products!

We are pleased to announce our partnership with TELUS Health, a world leading EAP Provider, offering their services in around 200 languages to more than 39,000 organisations and 50 million employees globally. TELUS Health was carefully selected by us, due to their global network and quality oversight of the professionally delivered range of services, that complement the vision and strategy of HanseMerkur perfectly.

telus inside

Services available:

a) Multiple counselling modalities – Virtual counselling

Insured Members can immediately access an EAP counsellor through live chat, text and email. Confidential and secure virtual counselling sessions with members of TELUS Health’s professional network include:

  • Video
  • Chat
  • Tele-counselling

This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Enrolled Members can access the above channels from anywhere in the world.

b) Face-to-face counselling

Referrals to the TELUS Health’s network of 90,000+ global counsellors.

c) Comprehensive support for Work and Life issues

Everyday concerns can have a significant impact on the physical and emotional health of an individual’s productivity at the workplace.

d) Employee Support

TELUS Health programs offer emotional support to employees who experience issues with: Anxiety, depression, stress management, bereavement, personal relationship issues, addictive behaviours, anger management, sleep hygiene, and more.

TELUS Health also offer practical everyday support with services on:

  • Legal – a 60-minute consultation per issue by phone or in an attorney’s local office. One consultation per issue is available each year. Additional services are available at 25% discount of the attorney’s hourly fee.
  • Financial – phone access to financial counsellors to answer questions or schedule a 60-minute counselling session per issue for bankruptcy, establishing savings goals, and finding resources for home ownership, college funding, or retirement planning.
  • Childcare – assistance with locating childcare, parenting, adoption, and education resources.
  • Eldercare – guidance on locating eldercare resources ranging from skilled nursing facilities to local programs.
  • Convenience services – information and referrals are available by phone for a variety of services ranging from pet care to cleaning services.
  • Identity theft – Fraud resolution specialists provide guidance and coaching to help with emergency response activities following an identity theft occurrence.

And many more, including: Nutritional & weight management, naturopathic, education, relocation, parenting, midlife & retirement, career, and everyday issues.

e) Employer Support

  • Management Support – Support for employees (suicide & depression concerns workplace- aggression/bullying, sexual harassment, substance abuse issues and policy development), Employee Referrals, Manager Consultation (employee performance & wellness issues), Mandatory/ Monitored Referrals, Manager Personal Growth (manager training, stress management, succeeding as a manager, workload, managing absence, appraisals), changes in the workplace and workplace policy issues to support safety.
  • Critical Incident Response – Telephonic and on-site support for critical incidents that impact the workforce (workplace violence, natural disasters, accidents, terrorist events and more).
  • Trauma Response – A customised approach that is targeting specific industries such as retail/banking, first responders & transportation, pre-incident policy & planning support, as well as post incident follow up and individualised enhanced support for those needing additional support.

These services will be offered at no extra cost on all Globalcare products with the top two networks (i.e. Neuron’s Comprehensive and General Plus Network and Nextcare’s GN+ and GN Networks).