Get wiser about Chocolate Consumption

  1. Snacking with side effects

In Europe, several kilograms of chocolate are consumed per capita per year. Across Europe, Switzerland eats the most of it with an average of 11.3 kg. With these amounts, it’s good to know: cocoa offers some surprising effects for the eater. We have put together six good reasons for you why chocolate is worth nibbling on.

Chocolate smart choices

Ancient Refreshment

Cocoa refreshes body and soul – people have been of this opinion for a long time. It was already used by the Indians in South America, the country of origin of cocoa, to fight infections or digestive problems. In Europe, too, chocolate was considered a medicine until the 19th century. It was valued above all for strengthening the constitution.


What hardly anyone knows is that chocolate contains caffeine: 100 grams of semi-dark chocolate have between 50 and 110 milligrams of the stimulant to offer. This is comparable to the amount that slumbers in a cup of coffee. In addition, chocolate contains theobromine. This has a similar chemical structure to caffeine and also has a stimulating and mood-lifting effect. That’s why theobromine is even used to dope racehorses.

Heart protection

Chocolate lovers have suspected it for a long time, American Chocolate lovers have suspected it for a long time, American researchers have provided proof of it – dark chocolate is good for the heart. Their reasoning: Certain components in the brown candy maintain the flexibility of the vessels and at the same time prevent the deposition of white blood cells on the blood vessels. Overall, cocoa is said to protect against hardening of the arteries.

Chocolate for Strokes

The German Institute of Human Nutrition came to a similar conclusion through earlier long-term studies: According to them, the daily consumption of even a small piece of chocolate protects against cardiovascular diseases, especially stroke. The antihypertensive effect that the stimulant is said to have could also contribute to this.

Chocolaty anti-inflammatory

If you eat chocolate, you not only make yourself happy, but also countless intestinal bacteria that start processing the food. Researchers from the American Chemical Society have been able to show that something astonishing happens: When the right types of bacteria feast on the chocolate, they ferment the components of the chocolate and produce anti-inflammatory substances that benefit the human body.

Happiness in Taste

For chocolate fans, the constant reaching for the bar is easy to explain: the substances in the chocolate lift the mood. Scientifically, this subjective impression cannot really be confirmed. If at all, researchers conclude, the effect on brain messengers is small. You can still feel happiness when enjoying chocolate, just by the sensory feelings it triggers in the mouth – because nothing tastes and feels like chocolate.

Prefer high-proof

So always bring on the chocolate? Unfortunately, the answer here is a resounding yes – because chocolate does not only consist of healthy cocoa beans, which are quite bitter on their own. To make it edible, plenty of fat and sugar are added to the cocoa. And these ingredients are rather unhealthy. Therefore, when consumed, the higher the cocoa content, the better. Experts recommend a proportion of 85 percent and prefer to propagate the enjoyment in moderation rather than in masses.

Bone Stronger

Chocolate contains vitamin D. Among other things, this strengthens the bones. The cocoa beans are home to mushrooms that contain a precursor of the vitamin. This converts sunlight into vitamin D2 when the beans dry, researchers at the University of Halle-Wittenberg have discovered. In order to cover the daily requirement of the bone vitamin, however, huge amounts of chocolate would be necessary. This is faster if the person himself sunbathes.

The UAE – A Sweeth Tooth’s Destination

In the UAE, there’s a notable appreciation for quality chocolate and availability of premium chocolate makes its consumption very high. With all nationals enjoying a higher-quality cocoa products and Dark Chocolate, in particular which contains anti-oxidants that contribute to healthy heart, better blood flow and lower blood pressure.
Overall a high-quality chocolate is actively part of a balanced diet at home and the work place in the UAE.