HanseMerkur Grundbesitz AG acquires six residential properties in southern Germany from the project developer GBI

• Property pipeline for special real estate AIFs
• Housing created is in great demand due to public funding

Hamburg, September 1, 2021.

HanseMerkur Grundvermögen AG (HMG) has acquired six residential properties from the project developer GBI for a special AIF. The new buildings and project developments in southern Germany in Bayreuth, Coburg, Heroldsbach, Nördlingen, Villingen-Schwenningen and Würzburg have 331 residential units, 325 of which are publicly funded. Four of the properties have a KfW 55 energy efficiency standard, two the EnEV 2016 standard. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase prices.

“The properties will create new living space that is in great demand due to the subsidy. Our partner GBI has opened an attractive property pipeline for the fund, ”says Ulrich Haeselbarth, Head of Asset Management at HMG. For years, the gap between the available subsidized housing and the demand has diverged widely. In a study, the Hans Böckler Foundation identified a gap of 1.9 million affordable apartments.

For GBI Holding AG, these properties have been a focus of project development work for several years, including subsidized living space. “Due to the different legal conditions and peculiarities on site in all federal states, precisely coordinated agreements with the regional credit institutions and the development banks are important,” explains Simon Behr, the responsible managing director within the GBI group of companies: “We can do this thanks to our many years of development work in implement this segment excellently. ”

“The cooperation between HanseMerkur Grundbesitz AG and GBI also gives groups that are currently having a hard time in the tense real estate market a good opportunity to rent suitable living space cheaply,” adds Haeselbarth.

In Bayreuth, for example, a total of 116 subsidized 2- to 5-room apartments will be built on Pottensteiner Straße in the 4th quarter of 2022 on a rental area of ​​around 7,890 m² with 87 parking spaces. The residential complex, which is located in a quiet area and consists of four building parts, is easily accessible by public transport. The KfW 55 energy efficiency standard is planned for the property. In addition to the necessary requirements, a photovoltaic system will be installed on the roof, and the roof will be planted with greenery in the other areas.

The facility on the project site on Lauterer Strasse in the northern Bavarian city of Coburg will offer a total of 39 residential units, 36 of which are subsidized. The 2 to 4 room apartments in the three residential buildings are spread over around 3,000 m² of rental space. There are 39 parking spaces. Completion with the KfW 55 standard is planned for the 4th quarter of 2023. The public transport connection of the property planned in the north of Coburg is also good.

The residential property on Untere Hauptstrasse in Heroldsbach, which was completed in July, has 28 residential units with 1 to 3-room apartments, 44 parking spaces with two e-charging stations and four commercial units with a doctor’s practice, hairdresser, day care and pharmacy. The energy efficiency standard is EnEV 2016. The property has a total of around 2,540 m² of rental space. Heroldsbach is a medium-sized location in the Nuremberg metropolitan region with good public transport connections.

The 36 subsidized apartments under construction on Stollberger Straße in Nördlingen are spread over around 2,560 m² of rental space. There are also 54 parking spaces. The property has the energy efficiency standard EnEV 2016 and is expected to be completed in October 2021. The train station can be reached on foot in around 10 minutes. The Donau-Ries University Center is located in Nördlingen.

The completion of the four residential buildings in Villingen-Schwenningen is also planned for October 2021. A total of 64 subsidized residential units with 1- to 5-room apartments, 4,460 m² rental space and 64 parking spaces are being built there on Schramberger Straße. The project is located on the northern outskirts of Schwenningen in the “Eschelen” development area, where a new residential area with a total of around 370 residential units is being built on a former clinic site. The location offers a variety of green spaces and recreational areas within a very short distance.

The residential complex on Landsteiner Strasse in Würzburg will offer 48 residential units on around 3,260 m² of rental space and 21 parking spaces. The two multi-family houses and their 1- to 4-room apartments will be completed in the 4th quarter of 2023 and comply with the KfW 55 energy efficiency standard. The location near the university campus has good public transport connections.

Images are available for download at www.hansemerkur.de/unternehmen/presse.

About HanseMerkur Grundbesitz AG

HanseMerkur Grundvermögen AG (HMG) is an asset and investment manager specializing in the German real estate market. It stands for long-term oriented real estate investment products and holistic real estate management. Fairness, trust and reliability determine how we deal with customers, business partners and employees.

HMG offers institutional investors participation opportunities for investment solutions with a sectoral or regional focus. The HanseMerkur is invested permanently and significantly. This underlines the sustainable investment perspective of the products and ensures a congruence of interests between investors and managers. So far, more than 50 institutional investors have entered into a partnership on an equal footing with HMG.

HMG has proven that it can secure attractive properties early on and manage them in the long term. Around 100 experienced real estate specialists in the areas of asset and portfolio management, investment, leasing, financing and investment management, controlling and law look after the real estate and funds together, efficiently and holistically.

HMG is currently responsible for real estate assets (including real estate financing) of around EUR 4.3 billion. As of June 30, 2021

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About the GBI group of companies

The GBI group of companies develops residential, apartment and hotel projects. Alone or with partners, real estate in Germany and Austria with a volume of around 2 billion euros has been sold or placed since it was founded in 2001. With around 2100 units, the current focus of project developments is on offers in different areas of rental housing construction (freely financed, subsidized, senior-friendly, combined with services in particular from the social sector).

In addition, under the umbrella brand SMARTments® micro-apartments are operated, built or developed for students, business travelers and private individuals. In the residential segment, the portfolio includes 4,811 apartment spaces in SMARTments student and 274 units in SMARTments living projects. In the commercial SMARTments business area, the project list includes 1,327 apartments.
The GBI specializes in district developments that combine different property types. The goal is sustainable and livable urban spaces. Depending on the needs of the cities, classic and subsidized living, micro-apartments, day-care centers, senior or assisted living, care offers, student living, serviced apartments, hotels, offices, commercial units, social care (e.g. doctor, pharmacy) are integrated in mixed-use projects. and local supply.
GBI Holding AG, under whose roof the units of the group are organized, is a subsidiary of the Moses Mendelssohn Foundation.