HanseMerkur Grundvermögen AG acquires parts of the project “Römertor” in Gersthofen from ZIMA

Hamburg / Munich, April 25, 2019. As part of a forward deal, ZIMA Immobilienentwicklung GmbH is selling a sub-segment of the residential quarter “Römertor” in Gersthofen in the district of Augsburg to HanseMerkur Grundvermögen AG. The overall project “Römertor” impresses with its special location, diverse range of living and services and well thought-out architecture: different types of living space are created on an area of ​​more than 15,000 m²: assisted living, several point houses with high-quality, freely financed one to five-room apartments as well as exclusive penthouses.

HanseMerkur Grundvermögen AG has for one of its open real estate special funds the projected housing complex “Assisted living” with small-scale business section and additional services with a usable area of ​​approx. Acquired 6,500 m². The complex is leased long term to Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. The takeover by the asset manager of the HanseMerkur Insurance Group and the completion of the entire residential district is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021. “The Gersthofen location is part of the metropolitan region of Munich, the economically strongest region in Germany. This is where a modern, sustainable concept is created, which ideally takes into account the needs of living in old age. In addition, the well-known project partners and operators convince – enough arguments for an investment in this location, “says Nele Hedden, the investment manager responsible for this deal at HanseMerkur Grundvermögen AG.

Versatile living and service district

“The Römertor is an ideal use of the area that has been fallow for years, and takes into account the increasing demand for attractive living space and assisted living. With Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe, a long-term operator and tenant was found in the run-up to ensure a correspondingly careful and high-quality care in the long term. We are pleased that we were able to convince HanseMerkur Grundvermögen AG with this project, “explains Dieter Weiß, Managing Director of ZIMA Immobilienentwicklung GmbH.

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