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Premium International Health Insurance for You & Your Family/ Your Employees & Their Families

We recognise that everyone is different, so our plans are customisable to suit your specific needs and budget.

Whichever plan you choose, the standard core benefits such as Inpatient, Day Patient and Outpatient treatments are always fixed and uncapped giving unparalleled cover for the most medically important and potentially costly treatments.

Some benefits are not essential or required by everyone, but they are desirable for others. These benefits are still available, along with enhancements of certain core benefits, but as Package Options on request, allowing the enhancement and customisation of our plans to suit you.

You can choose one or more Packages, and within the Dental, Optical and Assistance Packages there are further options for the specific monetary limits provided.

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Flexibility & Choice

From the places in the world you are covered, to the monetary limits and scope of the benefits, even the grade of network providers, the choice is yours. We have Plans to Suit Your Needs & Budget and the meet all local health authority laws and regulations across the Middle-East.

“Specialists in world-class international health cover, with a range of products for all levels and categories of worker, across any country and for any budget.” 

Our Individual & Family Plans offer the greatest amount of options and variations in the form of package enhancements and add-ons, making them highly customisable and therefore ideal to meet the specific needs of today’s expatriate.

The Group Plans come in differing forms depending on the number of lives, but are all designed for companies with multinational workforces, and if required their dependants, with different levels of cover (categories) available according to pay-grade and position, at a price that is right for you.

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Simplicity, Clarity & Transparency

We aim to be market leaders in this area, with benefits, terms and procedures that are very easy to understand and follow, giving you the confidence of knowing exactly what is covered and the peace of mind that you can utilise and access exactly what was paid for.

World-Class Treatment & Care

Access to the Best Providers (Doctors, Hospitals & Clinics) in the World – Truly international cover should mean you can elect to be treated wherever you want. From a back operation using pioneering techniques in London or knee surgery in a top German sports science clinic to open heart surgery with world-renowned Indian surgeons or world class diabetes care in Dubai. The choice is yours.

Personal Service – 24/7 Support

Whichever plan and options you select, one thing is constant, our commitment and drive to deliver quality, excellence and the highest levels of service and customer satisfaction.

24/7 Support 24/7, 365 Days a Year Helpline – Multilingual team of medical experts and professionals are always available to advise and guide members.

“More customer service and support staff, less sales guys and big advertising budgets” 

In fact we believe we have the highest ratio of support, customer service and technical people per dollar of premium.

Highest service levels you would expect from a German Insurer From the delivery of cards on time, to the swift processing of claims through to just having proper and responsive support in the Middle-East.

“Reliable…..best service levels….dedicated team based” 

“A team of highly trained consultants will review the current medical insurance needs of brokers and direct clients, for groups, families and individuals to guide you and help to tailor the best product for your specific needs at a price that is right for you” Consultants who listen and advise what’s best for you, not just selling what we have even if it is not the best thing for you.

Latest Technologies

Mobile App This handy technology means you can always check details about your plan, make and monitor claims, locate providers and specialists in specific areas and also has an E-Card to identify yourself with providers.

Virtual Doctor – This optional add-on service fits in perfectly with today’s hectic lifestyles and avoids the need to make appointments and to physically visit doctors. Members can:

  • Call a Doctor Doctor on call 24/7
  • Ask Doctor Email or message over 20,000 specialists globally
  • Get a Second Opinion From Doctors in places like Europe & USA

Global Coverage

A global network of over 60,000 providers (hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, and if specifically covered by your plan, dentists and opticians) in 190 countries has been made available to our members, to visit for treatments, services or supplies, where costs will be settled by us directly on your behalf.

Network coverage is particularly strong in the Middle-East where we have teamed up with Neuron and Nextcare, two of the region’s strongest and highest quality third party administrators. Everywhere else in the world members have access to massive and truly global Henner Network.

Main Features of our Product Offering: