PINK! – New digital offer from HanseMerkur for breast cancer

Hamburg, July 28, 2022. A new partnership with PINK! active against breast cancer” HanseMerkur is the first private health insurance company to support its policyholders suffering from breast cancer with a comprehensive, innovative online service. This helps those affected to cope better with the time of therapy and aftercare.

PINK! is a young company that offers digital counseling services and applications for breast cancer patients. For this, PINK! developed solutions on three levels. On the PINK! Website, those affected receive technically competent, easily understandable, comprehensive and guideline-compliant information, whether via videos, podcasts or articles.

The app PINK! Coach offer, depending on the personal therapy plan, an individual coaching program with a focus on exercise, nutrition, mental health and side effect management. Patients receive information, practical tips as well as suitable exercises and instructions. With the help of a chatbot, users can also ask questions about their symptoms and receive individual information and tips for self-help with the aim of alleviating side effects.

The psycho-oncological online course PINK! Leben helps to absorb the emotional burden of cancer associated with diagnosis and treatment as early as possible. The aim is to support patients in coping with the disease, to reduce psychological stress, to promote well-being and thus to increase their health-related quality of life. With the help of videos, audios and illustrative exercises, effective elements of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) are conveyed in order to be able to deal better with stressful feelings and thoughts and to counteract depressive moods.

Both PINK! Coach as well as PINK! Leben are CE certified medical products.

Targeted support

Persons with full health insurance from HanseMerkur who have breast cancer can use the digital applications from PINK! as a free package: The PINK! Coach for a usage period of at least three months (extension possible) and PINK! Leben for twelve months.

“Breast cancer is an extremely devastating, life-threatening event. The diagnosis throws the everyday life of those affected out of balance. It is difficult to deal with the new situation – for those affected, but also for people close to them and relatives,” explains Holger Ehses, board member of HanseMerkur. “With 70,000 new cases each year, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. About one percent of all new cases also affect men. In many cases, the tumor disease is now easily treatable. Here, the mental state and dealing with the disease play a central role. We are therefore pleased to have expanded our range of digital care accordingly and to be able to offer our customers this important support,” adds Holger Ehses.

“From my many years of clinical experience, I know how much the affected women look for professional information, support and specific instructions in order to ‘do everything correctly’ if possible. We are therefore glad that, thanks to the cooperation with HanseMerkur, we can offer patients in this difficult situation PINK! can help,” says Prof. Dr. Pia Wülfing, gynecologist and founder of PINK!.

About the HanseMerkur

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