Choices, Für Alle

Für Alle in German means “For All” and that is exactly the kind of cover Choices delivers. Choices is an innovative new approach to health insurance that enables all members to visit any provider in any network on direct billing with different outpatient co-insurance specific to provider’s network tier.

In a fast-evolving world with spiralling health insurance costs, expatriate employers are looking for new and innovative ways to cover employees and their families, whilst ensuring they remain motivated and satisfied. To achieve this you need high quality international insurance, with comprehensive cover for the big, unexpected and serious inpatient conditions that may develop. Insurance you can rely on without confusing small prints, caveats and the briefest of exclusion lists that are only found on the most expensive and open health insurance products. But you also need to reduce and control costs! Now with Choices you can realise all this, reducing your insurance premiums without compromising on quality, service levels or cover.

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